Ent Credit Union Routing Number: Everything You Need To Know

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Ent Credit Union Routing Number: Everything You Need To Know
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When it comes to managing your finances, having the right information is crucial. If you are a member of Ent Credit Union, one important piece of information you need is the routing number. In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about Ent Credit Union’s routing number.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a unique nine-digit number assigned to financial institutions in the United States. It helps in identifying the bank or credit union where a particular account is held. Routing numbers are used for various purposes, including direct deposits, electronic transfers, and bill payments.

Ent Credit Union Routing Number

The routing number for Ent Credit Union is 307070005. This number is specific to Ent Credit Union and is used for all electronic transactions involving the credit union.

How to Find Your Routing Number

There are several ways to find your routing number:

1. Check your checks: You can find the routing number at the bottom left corner of your checks. It is the first nine-digit number.

2. Online banking: If you have access to online banking, you can log in to your account and find the routing number in the account details section.

3. Contact the credit union: If you are unable to find the routing number through the above methods, you can contact Ent Credit Union directly and ask for assistance.


1. What is the routing number used for?

The routing number is used for various financial transactions, including direct deposits, electronic transfers, and bill payments. It helps in identifying the financial institution where the account is held.

2. Can the routing number change?

Yes, routing numbers can change. Changes can occur due to mergers, acquisitions, or other operational reasons. It is always a good idea to double-check the routing number before initiating any transaction.

3. Can I use any Ent Credit Union routing number?

No, you must use the specific routing number assigned to Ent Credit Union, which is 307070005. Using the wrong routing number may result in delays or failed transactions.

4. Can I find the routing number on the credit union’s website?

Yes, most credit unions provide the routing number on their website. You can usually find it in the “FAQ” or “Contact Us” section. Alternatively, you can contact the credit union directly for assistance.

5. Are routing numbers confidential?

Routing numbers are not considered confidential information. However, it is always important to protect your personal and financial information to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

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